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Whiskey Glasses - Mt. Fuji

$ 38.00

Complete your whiskey collection with the Fuji whiskey glass.

RUE TO SCALE REPLICA OF MOUNT FUJI: Each crystal glass features a raised bottom that mimics the great walls of the Mount Fuji Japanese Mountain. Unique mountain relief bottom chills and aerates whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila, and more as you swirl liquor in glass. Store Whiskey Glasses in the freezer, pour, aerate and enjoy; Beautifully crafted, functional, heavy glass bottom mountain design creates the perfect sipping experience.

PROPRIETARY CHILL CHARGE SYSTEM: Made from durable X1 Crystalline designed to chill liquor in just 18 seconds. When stored in the freezer, the peaks chill and aerate; No more cumbersome whiskey stones or messy oversized ice cubes.

WHISKEY GIFTS FOR MEN: Even our packaging makes a statement; Each dishwasher safe freezable cocktail glass is individually wrapped in monogrammed paper and protected on four sides; Mount Fuji Japanese Mountain Crystal Whiskey Glasses Gift Set of 2 makes the ultimate statement.




Capacity:10 oz