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F*cking Deal With It: A Journal for Practicing Acceptance and Getting the Hell on with Your Life

$ 17.99

An irreverent, interactive guided journal for anyone who wants to stop being miserable and get the hell on with living. Using the tenets of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, the journal includes 45 mental-health journal prompts and exercises you can complete with whatever the f*ck you accidentally bought the last time you were depressed in a craft store.

Ready to transform your life with the power of acceptance? You can try to find an available therapist for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or you can try this guided journal. Packed with prompts and exercises based in ACT and featuring a macrodose of attitude, this illustrated journal will help you accept the inevitable crappy parts of living with humor and perspective, so you can start enjoying the life you have.

Author and mental health influencer Christina Wolfgram walks readers through the four major steps from acceptance to commitment in a way that won't make you barf:

  • Why the F*ck Am I So Miserable? Identify your pain points.
  • Jealousy Is a Sickness (Get Well Soon, B*tch!) Turn jealousy into inspiration.
  • F*cking Deal With It! Accept that sometimes things just suck.
  • The Best Is Yet to Come, Baby! Commit to your core values.

Each prompt is designed to meld fun with therapeutic—from fill-in-the-blanks exercises to life lists—all with the author's unique insights, observations, and trauma-induced sense of humor. Try it—what have you got to lose but your misery?